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my new watch. dutch design, titanium strap



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i like


…indie rock songs that get stuck in your head for days and sometimes months

i don’t like when indie rock sounds like lame disco. and i don’t like when it sounds like white noise. if you’re a shoegazer it doesn’t mean you don’t need melody.

so hey how are you kids? i’m doing pretty good. i work way to much. but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. its getting better now compared to fall. and by the way never give me shit about working too much. if you don’t want to be supportive of the tough things i have to do to get what i want. well… basically shut the fuck up)

i bought a car. it wasn’t a very smart decision and now i have a lot of problems with it. but you know what’s good? it looks fucking awesome. it really really does. its in storage for the winter. i am going to get it out on the streets in early april.

and i’m writing a song =) its the first one since… oh man, it’s been a while. it’s a the first one in years) and i am writing it and i think i am going to record a demo as a present for someone special for the new year’s.

i’m thinking about applying for a job in moscow. i have a commitment with the company i am currently with. but in a year or 1.5 i am going to be free. and time flies. moscow isnt what i want but its better than toronto. maybe i will move somewhere in europe instead. it all depends on what kind of job i can get. but honestly im not sure whereabout in europe i could go. i mean my french is pretty terrible. but i guess if i move to france i can fix it. the problem is everyone always complaints about job markets in UK and france. and im not going to a non english, non french and non russian speaking country.

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Batch convert XLSX to XLS with VBS


If you have Excel 2007 installed  and you are looking for a way to convert XLSX ->XLS using windows shell (batch script, etc.) here’s the perfect solution:

1) copy this code and save it is as xlsx2xls.vbs  OR simply download it

Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set objWorkbook = objExcel.Workbooks.Open(Wscript.Arguments(0))
objExcel.Application.Visible = False
objExcel.Application.DisplayAlerts = False
objExcel.ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Wscript.Arguments(1), 56
objExcel.Application.DisplayAlerts = True

2) in your batch script you can call it by doing this

c:\xlsx2xls.vbs "C:\inputdocument.xlsx" "C:\outputdocument.xls"

don’t mix up the order, don’t mix up file extensions, don’t mix up file paths because if you do it will overwrite your existing stuff without prompting.. and of course you will have to write this last command in one line ;-)

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i just found out that these fancy Toyota Celica cars are not what i thought they were:

  • they stopped producing them in 2006
  • you can get one for less than 10k in great condition
  • they are not actually sport cars, Toyota didn’t even bother putting v6 in it, they basically come in 180 hp max

i’m actually really tempted to get one, they are cheap and i can totally afford them. but first of all i kind of want to pay my student loan first. and second of all.. i think i’ll wait until i have money for bmw m3 in e46 chassis. i think i’ll get one with SMG transmission. from what i hear it’s everything that i thought tiptronic would  have but it doesnt. yeah, tiptronic is a terrible terrible thing. well i mean it’s not really bad..it’s just completely useless. it can’t do absolutely anything that a kickdown in automatic mode wouldn’t do. so yeah. eventually i’ll buy m3 and i’ll try getting into motosport.

im coming to saint petersburg this spring. it’s going to be amazing. it’s unbelievable how much i have to look forward to.

i met this person another night. it’s unbelievable how sometime you can just look into someone eyes and find out everything about that someone. some people are just really open and alive, it’s a shame they are a rare bread.

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so apparently i got a notice to appear in court on December 31 at 11:30… am. yeah, i know. im tempted to show up with in a blue coat with a big fake white beard and a sack behind my back.

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if you’re ever confused about your feelings, if you’re not sure which person you should go after, just sit down, take a piece of paper, take a pen or a pencil and start writing everything that comes to mind, everything that you think you want to put on this piece of paper. which one are you writing to? you got your answer. yes, sometimes it’s that easy.

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просто не хочу спать. ирина спит, не хочется её будить. вернее хочется. но не стану ибо пусть человек выспится хоть раз за неделю.


в дороге нет кольца назад
где сад уснул, где лес лохмат
навис над домом, где рассвет
прорезал белый силуэт

и зимы прочно замели
засовы, двери и огни
в метель. так ярко вспыхнет свет
луны, как пачка сигарет
взорвалась и ушла наверх
новой звездой горя для всех


она уснула. она устала.
ей было мало. но жизнь сначала
начать смогла проснувшись юной.
синицей, мышью, может пумой.

реинкорнации процесс
для нас темней чем самый тёмный лес.


когда упало небо, где ты была?
где ты была, когда я пел тебе бы.
одной, когда бы ты была вблизи,
но ты была поодаль. где ты была?
когда срубили тополь? когда грачи летели клином?
где ты была когда весь мир бесился карантином?
где ты сейчас?

Авто угнало, свет погас. Ушёл последний
Поезд на вокзале. В твоих руках две линни
Как розы на стеблях шипами рвут судьбу
Как шёлк. Я видел их, я рисовал их сам.

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in progress


i barely ever write anything here any more. it’s because im actually busy,  i actually live most of me life now.

it’s funny how sometimes  almost nothing happens for days, it’s the same routine over and over and over again. and then one day out of blue everything starts Happening. things get changed. today and yesterday were of the latter kind. i got a lot of news from completely different sources today. actually it was tree pieces of information rather than news. the real events happened weeks or maybe even months ago. two were bad and one was good. i dont know if they evened out, i dont know how much to care about any of them. they may mean everything or nothing at all.

i cant stop reflecting on them. i m sitting in my room, im dringking tea.  im listening to this song by ghinzu from their new album,  it’s called this light. “would anybody close my eyes? would anybody shut me down?”

im in overdrive, seriously, i need to chill. i want to go to strangelove next thursday. its the best place to go to in toronto (thanks ira!)

and now i will take a hot shower, make some more tea, plug in my old fender amp into the wall  and let it fukc my neighbours brain for a little while.

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  • my cat died of cancer. i loved her very very much. rest in peace.
  • i moved back to toronto. i live with irena, my best friend ^^ we just finished moving in a couple of days ago. we’ve got a couch and a dining table now. we also have a fireplace.
  • i work at a market research company in downtown toronto. when the school starts i will be working 2 or 2,5 days a week. right now i work almost every day there. im doing stats, coding and some other IT related stuff. love it.
  • it’s my last year at Glendon College. academically speaking i’ve got only 60% of  that last year’s course load left.
  • summer is over. but i love fall in toronto. especially where i live now, in midtown.
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